Our commitment

Provide patients with quality medicines

Biogaran is commited to providing patients with affordable bioequivalent quality medicines that comply with the most stringent European standards.

50% of Biogaran drugs are made in France 1

Put quality at the center of our manufacturing process

Since its creation, the main goal of Biogaran has been to provide patients with quality generic drugs that they will be able to take safely.
Biogaran generic drugs are bioequivalent to the originator’s drug : they are made of the same active ingredients and have the same therapeutic efficacy.

Moreover, nearly 9 out of 10 Biogaran drugs are produced in Europe and 5 out of 10 medicines are made in France in one of the 39 production sites available on the territory1.

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1. Internal data - 2020

Your health is our main concern

Since Biogaran was founded in 1996, our laboratory’s objective has always been to reinvent itself in order to meet patients’ needs and provide them with the widest possible range of therapeutic solutions.

This is why, for more than 20 years now, Biogaran has been working to develop as many generic medicines as possible. In this way, whatever the disease, Biogaran is by your side.

Today, this approach allows Biogaran to have a very large portfolio that can treat the majority of pathologies.

The same seriousness, rigor and quality are applied to the development of each medicine. Because patients’ health is at the heart of our concerns.