Lebanon - Biogaran makes several drug donations as part of its partnership with the Tulipe charity organization

Following the terrible explosion that devastated Beirut on August 4th 2020, Biogaran made a drug donation to Tulipe, a charity organization. Today, Biogaran seals a long-term partnership with the charity and makes a new donation.

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Following the explosion that devastated Beirut on August 4, 2020, Biogaran wanted to help the Lebanese people by donating more than 50,000 boxes of medicines to the Tulipe charity. Today, Biogaran is repeating the operation with a new donation and seals a long-term partnership with the organization.

Addressing health emergencies

In August 2020, Biogaran decided to donate more than 50,000 boxes of medicines to the Tulipe charity organization to help the Lebanese people.

As an intermediary between the pharmaceutical industry and NGOs, Tulipe federates donations from healthcare companies to meet the emergency needs of populations in distress during acute health crises, natural disasters and conflicts. [1]

As part of the donation made by Biogaran in August 2020, Tulipe met the needs of the Order of Malta in Lebanon and made the medicines donated by Biogaran available to the charity. The first medicines were delivered to Lebanon in October 2020.

Almost a year after the explosion, in August 2021, Biogaran teams returned to Lebanon to meet with the different actors of the Order of Malta in Lebanon. This visit was an opportunity to discuss the needs of local associations in terms of medicines in a particularly complex health and economic context.

Acting within the framework of a sustainable partnership

In September 2021, Biogaran signed an agreement with the Tulipe organization to perpetuate the partnership that had already been initiated in 2020 with this first donation to Lebanon.

A new donation for the Lebanese people is currently being sent, in a difficult health and economic context. Overall, more than 40 drug references covering several therapeutic areas (cardiology, infectious diseases, neurology, allergology, gastrology…) will be given to the Tulipe organization, which will then meet the needs of local NGOs.

Biogaran in Lebanon

Biogaran has been present in Lebanon since 2017 with a wide portfolio of medicines from various therapeutic areas that allow the treatment of common pathologies as well as less frequent diseases.

To discover the list of our medicines marketed in Lebanon, click here.

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Founded in 1982, Tulipe is a public interest organisation that meets the needs of health NGOs in an optimal manner while ensuring the traceability of health products. As a humanitarian pharmaceutical establishment authorized by the National Agency for Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), Tulipe professionally manages and coordinates access to donated medicines during global health crises, in accordance with the good practices published by the Ministry of Health.

In 2020, 13 NGOs in 15 countries benefited from Tulipe‘s assistance. In total, more than 40 tons of pharmaceutical products were distributed in countries affected by health, natural or conflict crises in 2020.

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